Summer Mill Apartments

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They might appear to be nice and accommodating at first, beware it is not the case once you sign a lease.From the time I moved in with my young daughter the place was a problem.

Between the constant noise from the unit above waking her at night, to all sorts of bug infestation problems that they never solved, this place was a nightmare. The cook pits were a fire hazard. The gym made the whole office smell of moldy gym socks. On numerous occasions I would run home early to pick up packages from the office to find they close "a few minutes early".

One time I actually caught the staff member and asked her to grab it, but indicated i would have to come back tomorrow since she already set the alarm over 5 minutes before the office was to be closed.

Worse part of all was when I was pregnant with child number two and could no longer stand the constant noise and bug infestation I went to exit the lease which they indicated ealier when signing the lease could be worked out. Of course as I was leaving this was not the case. They wanted a ridiculous amount of money to exit the lease including "the discount" on the rent I paid (btw that is what the unit had been advertised for).

It should be criminal what they have done to my credit and continue to insist the problems I was being forced to live with are not their problem.If you choose to rent there read your contract VERY closely and be prepared for problems from so "sweet" staff as soon as you complain.

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